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taught by Lori Thayer
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Lori Thayer
Lori Thayer
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About the Instructor

Lori Thayer shows busy women, struggling with not enough time, too much to do, and stress, how to be more productive, start loving life every day, and live a joy-filled life.

Lori has been featured on the John Tesh Show and as an author at

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When you have anxiety what happens in your mind?

  • Do you remember another time of anxiety and fear it coming back?
  • Do you hear a statement that brings it on or increases it? e.g. I can't handle one more thing
  • Do you have a feeling in your body. Maybe something in the pit of your stomach?

When you experience anxiety something is happening in your mind and body. What is it?

In this audio we will address 5 common beliefs that contribute to our anxiety and release them. I guarantee you will experience a measurable change in these beliefs. (If you don't simply request a return within 30 days)

You will experience a measurable change in how you minutes

We will also increase our beliefs through this simple mind hack with 5 positive affirmations that help us experience easy relief from anxiety.

Easily change your beliefs about being in control of your life in this quick and easy audio course.

Did you know that changing your beliefs doesn't have to be hard?

It won't take hours of therapy and cost thousands of dollars

You can change a belief quickly and easily.

In this quick program we will use a simple mind hack to change your beliefs, we don't want and adopt the new beliefs we want.

You will also receive a bonus audio of the good affirmations you will be adopting to listen to daily (or as often as you like).

Use this audio to reinforce your good beliefs, bring about more of what you want and just feel good.

Make The New Positive Beliefs A Habit

Create a habit by ensuring your belief is 100% in the positive affirmations every day and listening to the bonus audio for 21 days.

I feel great when I listen to affirmations of things I want and believe and I bet you will too.

Course includes:

One audio of 5 positive affirmations to easily relieve anxiety symptoms.

A series of 10 audios to change your beliefs around criticism using a secret mind hack. We will let go of 5 beliefs causing anxiety and we will reinforce the 5 positive affirmations you will be listening to daily.

During this easy process your will decrease and let go of these beliefs:

✓It's too much
✓I'm anxious
✓I can't handle one more thing
✓This isn't working
✓I often feel anxiety

And increase these affirmations until you can say you believe the statement 100%:

✓I breathe in calmness and breathe out anxiousness
✓I kindly ask for help and guidance if I cannot see a better way
✓I let go of worries that drain my energy
✓I draw from my inner strength and light
✓I am calm and peaceful

Course Contents

1 Multimedia
15 Texts
12 Audios
2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Relieving Anxiety Symptoms Daily Affirmations