Banish Self Doubt

The Easy Way (Hours of therapy not needed here) | taught by Lori Thayer
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Lori Thayer
Lori Thayer
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About the instructor

Lori Thayer shows busy women, struggling with not enough time, too much to do, and stress, how to be more productive, start loving life every day, and live a joy-filled life.

Lori has been featured on the John Tesh Show and as an author at

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Are your dreams eluding you?

Self-doubt is a common killer of dreams.

If you find yourself unable to reach your goals - big, small or in between take a moment to notice what your inner voice is saying about that goal.

This is where the self-doubt starts to creep in and keep us small

In this self-paced course I'll share with you the EASY way to defeat self-doubt and start believing in yourself and increasing your self-confidence. Both are necessary to start reaching those outrageous goals you desire.

This simple process uses essential oils to aid us in easily clearing the things causing that self-doubt.

I will guide you through this painless process and you will feel GREAT after each session. Just give it a try.

If you already have 100% pure essential oils you are ready to start right now.

If not and you have a contact for purchasing Young Living Essential oils (the only ones we recommend for this process) check with them on how to get the Everyday Oils kit.

Otherwise you can order from me at or contact me for more information.

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Course Contents

26 Videos
16 Surveys
2 Texts
4.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

How To Continue Your Transformation