Stopping Self Criticism

Stop That Critical Voice And Start Living The Life You Are Meant To Have | taught by Lori Thayer
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Lori Thayer
Lori Thayer
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Lori Thayer shows busy women, struggling with not enough time, too much to do, and stress, how to be more productive, start loving life every day, and live a joy-filled life.

Lori has been featured on the John Tesh Show and as an author at

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What happened today that you weren't happy about?

Did you do something that contributed to it not working out? Were you hearing that little voice inside? You know the one, the one that tells you "You're not good enough", "You didn't do it right" "I should have..."

We all tend to hear it, the voice of self criticism, always reminding us what we did wrong or questioning why did you do it THAT way.

Do you believe you just have to live with that voice? I am here to tell you you can SHUT THAT VOICE UP!

It won't take hours of therapy and cost thousands of dollars

It's hard to increase your confidence when that voice is constantly in your ear. It opens the door to the self doubt and judgement.

The first step to increasing your self confidence is stopping self criticism, but how do you do that?

I searched for answers for years on how to stop that voice in my mind that was hurting me, not helping me. I finally found a little known mind hack that REALLY works!

You will experience a measurable change in how you minutes

And in this quick and easy audio course I am going to share it with you.

We are going to stop self criticism in its tracks by using a simple mind hack to change the beliefs we don't want and adopt new beliefs we do want.

You will also receive a bonus audio of the good affirmations you will be adopting to listen to daily (or as often as you like).

Use this audio to reinforce your good beliefs, bring about more of what you want and just feel good.

Make The New Positive Beliefs A Habit

Create a habit by ensuring your belief is 100% in the positive affirmations every day and listening to the bonus audio for 21 days.

I feel great when I listen to affirmations of things I want and believe and I bet you will too.

Course includes:

One audio of 5 positive affirmations for stopping self criticism.

A series of 10 audios to change your beliefs around criticism using a secret mind hack. We will let go of 5 beliefs keeping you stuck and we will reinforce the 5 positive affirmations you will be listening to daily.

During this easy process your will decrease and let go of these beliefs:

✓I always do it wrong
✓It's never good enough
✓There is a lot wrong with me
✓I speak to myself negatively
✓I criticize myself

And increase these affirmations until you can say you believe the statement 100%:

✓I give up the habit of criticizing myself
✓I adopt the mindset to praise myself
✓I see the perfection in all my flaws and all my genius
✓I make the right choices every time
✓I fully approve of who I am, even as I get better

Course Contents

15 Texts
1 Disqus
12 Audios
2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Stopping Self Criticism Daily Affirmations