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Lori Thayer
Lori Thayer
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About the Instructor

Lori Thayer shows busy women, struggling with not enough time, too much to do, and stress, how to be more productive, start loving life every day, and live a joy-filled life.

Lori has been featured on the John Tesh Show and as an author at Lifehack.org

Learn more about her LoriThayer.com.

To All Stressed Out Moms...

"Transform from AAUUGGHH to AAAHHH In 6 Minutes"

Have You Ever Wanted To Pull Your Hair Out At The End Of A CRAZY Day? 

Are You Ready To Let Go Of That Stress And Sleep Peacefully?

Would You Love To Have A Way To Improve Your Day...Every Day?

Wouldn't It Take A Weight Off Your Shoulders To Know You Could Start & End Your Day In A Great Way?

With "The Daily Aaahhh" You Will Receive

The Peace & Serenity You Crave 

Discover The Secret Mind Hack that will Make Your Affirmations Actually Start Working For You!

If you're ready to get off the hamster wheel of having a "not so great" life,

to have the life you always wanted, 

then you're ready to go from AAUUGGHH to AAAHHH

The Super Secret Key to Having a Fabulous Day (even if you're busy mom!)

With AAUUGGHH to AAAHHH, you will discover the "Oh So Secret" but verrrrryyy easy to implement secret sauce to creating lasting happiness. You'll also discover why your affirmations don't actually work! (sorry!) 

Tap Into Your Happiness!

Discover how to transform your days and nights, bringing you the happiness you deserve.


Watch Everything Fall Into Place

Get tuned into your major opportunities, stop living small in your life and see how your life gets easier and easier! 

This simple process will transform your days and as you watch things continue to change for the better your life will transform in amazing ways.

The Daily Aaahhh Challenge

The best way to make lasting change in your life is to adopt new habits that allow you to start receiving the life you really want. Using a challenge in combination with the Daily Aaahhh will make it so very easy to listen to the main Daily Aaahhh audios: one in the morning and one at night!

Right away you will receive access to: 


The introduction audio will guide you through how to best use this program. Get yourself started off right by listening to this first!

2 Bonus Videos on The Secret Mind Hack 

These two bonus videos will expose this secret mind hack.

The Morning And Evening Daily Aaahhh

These 2 audios are quick at only 6 minutes each. These are the core for this life-changing program and the perfect length for a Busy Mom on the go.

You will listen to the Morning Aaahhh every morning as you wake up and the Evening Aaahhh when you are ready to go to bed.

Challenge Yourself To Greatness

The Daily Aaahhh includes an additional 30 audios to guide you in applying our secret mind hack to each of the 30 affirmations contained in this program! There are 15 in the Morning Aaahhh and 15 in the Evening Aaahhh.

Every day for 30 days you can listen to one of the 30 audios to receive daily transformation. These audios will dramatically improve the effectiveness of the Daily Aaahhh morning and evening audios.

Receive support and encouragement in the exclusive Facebook group as well, where other Busy Mom's will be in the midst of their transformations too.

At the end of 30 days you will have created a life transforming habit of listening to the Daily Aaahhh audios every day. You will also notice how your life has started to shift due to the power of this program.

Who This Program Isn't For

This program isn't for everyone. Please review the list before you choose to transform your life. If it isn't speaking to just call up your girlfriend and complain about your life some more.

This program isn't for you if:

You would rather complain than try to change something in your life

You can't find 15 minutes every day to create a better life

You won't try something new for 30 days

It's everyone else's fault that you aren't happy

You aren't willing to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing

You aren't willing to put your gas mask on before helping your kids

Who This Program Is For 

You are ready to invest in yourself

You are committed to creating a better life

You've got 15 Minutes a day for yourself? Piece of cake

You know that taking care of yourself means you can do a better job for others

You choose to be the master of your destiny

You are ready to make your own happiness

Course Contents

1 Multimedia
4 Texts
35 Audios
2.0 hrs

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